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Bebi Tech Consulting is the preferred resource for anyone seeking professional assistance with innovative solutions for their home or business. Bebi Tech Consulting gets you the most value for your time and technology because each Apple Certified consultant is there to understand your unique circumstances and goals to help you achieve the high quality and specialized service you seek. Be it a Mac, PC, tablets, iOS, Cloud services, or home theater, we can help you.
Imagine a world where your Mac is sharing files with your PC all in while music, pictures, and videos are being streamed to your 3D home theater to show off your latest vacation. Now imagine that within the same setup, your PC can send media files to your PlayStation 3 while with a single click of the print button from your laptop downstairs, your printer upstairs begins to print the much needed file. We here at Bebi Tech have not only imagined this but have made this and other setups a reality.

“Your Life & Technology. In Sync.”

Never again is there a need of complicated setups and a one fits all solution. Whether it’s for your home setup or your office and its staff to get the most your equipment, Bebi Tech will bring you to a modern yet simplistic environment. Our Apple Certified Consultants will sit down with you to understand your specifics needs and goals and help put together a custom tailored solution that fits with who you are.

Here at Bebi Tech, we strive to offer our clients the best solution, ranging from networking, training, and social media consultation to help grow your home or office while keeping simplicity in mind. All that and more can be found by visiting our Services page.


Here are some examples of our services. We now invite you to let your mind run wild.


Computer Consulting

The Home Theater has forever changed from a place of simply watching a DVD. A fully operational Home Theater can stream movies, pictures and videos from your Mac or PC. It can also connect you to the internet and give you access to your Tivo or Netflix account. Add a Blu-ray player with a 6.1 surround sound and you can enjoy the theater experience in your own house, even in 3D!
For those with a Mac and PC or just multiple computers, networking can unlock your workspace and workflow. Imagine starting a project on your Mac upstairs and finishing it on your PC downstairs. Access one printer from multiple machines, share files and backup files without a wire. Even servers are no longer for just the office.
Do you need to put together a flyer, for sale ad or Keynote presentation? Our presentations are designed and tailored to your specific needs and delivered in the highest quality. So whether you need to present the next company annual report or want your wedding signature booklet to look beautiful, this service was designed with you in mind.
With today’s technology, there is so much you can do. Control your Tivo and house lighting from your iPhone, have digital frames that constantly brighten up your day with new photos and a smart house that work in sync with your flow. If you have a project in mind, we want to work with you and bring the digital age to your everyday life or office to help you achieve maximum efficiency with simplicity at its core.


Social Media Consulting

Lets face it, todays world is an ever changing one that requires a digital, therefor social presence. Long gone are the days of newspaper ads and Yellow Pages listings. Instead, past, present, and potential clients navigate the web with new services each day like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ready to see what the web can bring to your business? Then head over to our Social Media section to learn and don’t forget, you can ‘Like’ us and ‘Follow’ us by clicking the links on the right hand side.


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